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Diversification is nothing more than a method of risk reduction. Any investment strategy employed by our algorithms is diversified within multiple assets. This helps ensure low correlation within the portfolio with minial reductoin in performance. Proper diversification in times when an asset may become distressed helps reduce sharp declines and offers balance that leads to a smoother equity curve.


Downside Protection

Markets consistently go up and down and many scramble to try and predict direction without the proper fail safes in place. AAM always executes trades with counter measures; in the case where we have a losing trade, we have predetermined it's maximum probable impact on the portfolio at the time of the trade's execution using our automated risk calculation and management algorithm. We help protect against downside risk by hedging assets to reduce and limit losses that can occur due to adverse market movements. Most of all, the assets we hedge using our algorithms are negatively correlated assets. While these actions cannot fully protect against the possibility of substantial loss, they help limit the frequency and severity of losses.

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Income Generation

Net asset value(NAV) of funds is done primarily on a monthly basis. Our strategies trade high frequency, short term, and long term- providing our clients with the ability to withdraw funds more frequently than many managers allow. While profits and losses on liquidated positions are settled weekly, it is preferred that if clients choose to withdraw any profits made as income that they do so on a monthly basis as it gives their account a much greater chance to compound on an exponential level when gains are made. ,

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Capital Appreciation

Capital appreciation is the main source of investment growth for our stategies—the price of asset that was bought increases in value or the price of an asset that was sold decreases in value. We seek, though we certainly cannot guarantee, to do this on a monthly basis and compound the returns to deliver a high appreciation in capital. Since compounding may lead to greater loss, we take many trades with only small fractions of account capital allocated per trade to help limit risk.

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Long Term Growth

While withdrawing any profits made on a monthly, semi annual, or annual basis is fun and can provide an income, seeing an account compounded exponentially is the intended fruit of the labor. With careful management, we seek to protect your capital against loss while helping it to grow for your long term success.